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      LCL trolley bar --  
    Installation Manual  
     1. To check the Location of electric supply and then check the 
         Length for bracket installation.
     2. To install the Brackets, it should be made with M10 size hole 
        and also mounted horizontal and vertically on the construction in 
        order to install the sliding hanger and fixing clamp.
     3. Sliding hanger & Fixing clamp should be installed on bracket 
         by horizontal & vertically
     4. The PVC housing should be installed on sliding & fixing clamp. 
         Then the yellow line(for earth) of PVC housing should be 
         connected continouslly, like a line. The screw on connector 
         should be connected for  the copper conductor at first and then
         jointing clamp / fixing clamp should be mounted on 
         PVC housing lately.
     5. After a connection of copper conductor and PVC housing, 
        end feed box or center feed box for the electric power connection 
        should be mounted at center or end of PVC housing.
        and the collector trolley should be installed & connected 
        with moving machine via trolley arm.
     6. To finish installation, the end plate should be installed for
         the electrica l safety at the end.  If the rubber covering is needed,
         it can be installed  at bottom of PVC housing.
     7. To supply electric power, please connect between the feed box
        and input power cable after  the connection of collector trolley 
        with a control pannel  of moving machine
    Checking point 
     1. Check vertically and Horizontal mounting for the insulated 
         conductor rail
     2. Check installation of the sliding hanger for smooth moving 
         of PVC housing
     3. Check the yellow line(for earth) continually
     4. Check any obstruction for traveling of collector trolley
     1. Check the collector trolley for maintenance
     2. The life time of Carbon brush is about 5,000km, but it can be
         short of life time  depends on the site condition.

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