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    Recently, the world is rapidly developing and growing 
    in the automation of industrial equipment. In order to keep up with customer requirments and trend, 
    we are producing and supplying the Insulated conductor rails(Multi-conductor, Mono-rail and so on) 
    which is necessary for all of moving equipments and for power supply
    (electric power feeding) with safety of the site worker. 
    As a result on the basis of great experiences and technical 
    know-how for a long time LEEYOUNG is recognized to 
    be an excellent company of high quality product from 
    the customers of grobal market.
    For global market share, we are supplying the Insulated conductor rails 
    to the facility production companies which are exporting their 
    product in the world wide. and also had a contract with a company of 
    Singapore that it can be a business hub in Asia since 2008.
    We made a distributor agreement with a company of
     shanghai for the china markets in 2012 and also are increasing an export to over seas markets. 
    In addition, we supply the special products(SF6-gas service & measuring devices, Inner-cone Plug-in
    Termination, Monitering system, BCT and etc) to customers which are the high-voltage power 
    equipments(transformers, circuit breakers) manufacturers.