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      MCL trolley bar  
    •PVC housing 
    - The PVC housing of MCL is impact resistant and
     - and has advantage from accidents of short and 
       electric shock.
     - Also, this system can be used the electric power and 
       control line at the same time. 
    - There is no Arc because the copper is jointless.
     - It is possible to transmit for a data & signal and 
       to use for a parallel system.
     - There has 50, 80, 125, 160A current capacity.
    •Chemical resistant  
    - gasoline crude, benzene,sodium, hydrochloric acid 
    •Collector trolley 
    - The collector trolley can not be a breakaway from housing 
       inside and also can be
     - a moving of high speed running.
      (over 250m/min. depend on the collector trolley) 
     - The abrasion rate of carbon brush is low due to 
       a jointless copper conductor. 
    •Nothing special 
    The Sliding hanger can be protected vibration 
    and complemented shrinkage and expanding depend on
    ambient temperature condition. 
    The Rubber covering can be installed in harsh environments. 
    It can be installed at outside, narrow space and also 
    reduced the cost due to a using of semipermanent. 
    Technical data  
    •Minmum curve radius 
    - Minmum : R = 800 mm 
    •Travel speed  
    - Straight line : 250 m/min 
    •Min. ambient temperatures  
    - -30℃ to +60℃(standard design) 
    •Calculation of voltage-drop 
         AC : △u = √ 3 x J x I x Z / 1000 
         DC : △u = 2I x J x R / 1000 
       △u = Voltage(V) 
          J = Amperage(A) 
          Z = Impedance ohms / 1000(m) 
          R = Resistance ohms / 1000(m) 
          L = Length(m) 
           I = L Power feed positioned at end 
                L/2 Power feed positioned at center 
     •Mechanical properties  
    - Bending force : 831kp/㎠(831 x 14.2psi)
    - Tensile strength : 491kp/㎠, Elongation 3.2%
    - Breaking strength : 345kp/㎠, Elongation 36% 
    •Electrical properties  
    - Voltage : AC 600V
    - Creepage path : min. 30㎜
    - Dielectric strength : 31.2kv/㎜
    - Surface resistance : 11 x 10ohm x cm(dry) 
    •Electrical properties  
    - It can be used for 4 to 7poles, non-Arc due to jointness
    of copper, for 50, 80, 125 & 160A and also max.320A
    with parallel connection.
    - There is yellow line for an earthing conductor
    beside housing.
    - It is easy an instllation and standard length is 4m long.
    - The rubber-covering can be installed in harsh
    environments, narrow space& outside area and also
    the housing & copper can be used for a semipermanent.
    •PVC housing (MCL)  
    - PVC Housing: MCL7
     - Standard length: 4,000mm
     - Material: non-inflammable
     - Structure: In order to prevent a changing of phase, it is safe structure when the position of collector is  changed.